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Pennsylvania anthracite coal workers strike for better ...

To improve working conditions and increase wages for mine workers. Specifically, a 20% wage increase, an 8-hour workday (down from 10 for miners and 12 for maintenance workers), the right to check the operator's stated weight of coal, the creation of a grievance policy fair to workers, recognition of the union, and the right to collectively bargain.

History | John L. Lewis Memorial Museum of Mining and Labor

John Llewellyn Lewis (February 12, 1880 – June 8th, 1969) was an American leader of organized labor who served as president of the United Mine Workers of America from 1920 to 1960. He was a major player in the history of coal mining.

Westmoreland County coal strike of 1910–11 - Wikipedia

The Westmoreland County coal strike of 1910–1911, or the Westmoreland coal miners' strike, was a strike by coal miners represented by the United Mine Workers of America.The strike is also known as the Slovak Strike because about 70 percent of the miners were Slovak immigrants. It began in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, on March 9, 1910, and ended on July 1, 1911.

1902 Anthracite Coal Strike – Anthracite Coal Region

Jun 21, 2015· The 1902 Anthracite Coal Strike would last six months wherein miners went on strike for better wages, union recognition, and shorter workdays. The strike had a stark economic effect on the region as 140,000 men and boys were not taking part in the economy. Businesses suffered. Banks did not receive deposits.

Hunger Strike Of Ukrainian State Mining Company Workers In ...

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 10th January, 2019) Workers of Ukrainian state-owned coal mining enterprise. Selidovugol who are not engaged in industrial activities have been on a hunger strike for nine days, demanding that their salaries be paid, head of the Independent Trade Union of Ukrainian Miners Mykhailo Volynets said on Thursday.

Coal Strike of 1902 - The Full Wiki

The Coal Strike of 1902 was a strike by the United Mine Workers of America in the anthracite coal fields of eastern Pennsylvania.The strike threatened to shut down the winter fuel supply to all major cities (homes and apartments were heated with anthracite or "hard" coal because it had higher heat value and less smoke than "soft" or bituminous coal).

Columbine Mine massacre - Wikipedia

The Columbine Mine massacre, sometimes called the Columbine massacre, occurred in 1927, in the town of Serene, Colorado. A fight broke out between the Colorado state patrol and a group of striking coal miners, during which the unarmed miners were attacked with firearms.

National Union of Mineworkers (Great Britain) - Wikipedia

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) is a trade union for coal miners in Great Britain, formed in 1945 from the Miners' Federation of Great Britain (MFGB). The NUM took part in three national miners' strikes, in 1972, 1974 and 1984–85.After the 1984–85 strike and the subsequent closure of most of Britain's coal mines, it became a much smaller union.

John L. Lewis | American labour leader | Britannica.com

Jun 07, 2019· John L. Lewis, American labour leader who was president of the United Mine Workers of America (1920–60) and chief founder and first president of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO; 1936–40). The son of immigrants from Welsh mining towns, Lewis left …

The Mining Proletariat - Marxists Internet Archive

The Mining Proletariat. The production of raw materials and fuel for a manufacture so colossal as that of England requires a considerable number of workers. But of all the materials needed for its industries (except wool, which belongs to the agricultural districts), England produces only the minerals: the metals and the coal.

United Mine Workers - Wikipedia

The United Mine Workers of America (UMW or UMWA) is a North American labor union best known for representing coal miners. Today, the Union also represents health care workers, truck drivers, manufacturing workers and public employees in the United States and Canada. Although its main focus has always been on workers and their rights, the UMW of today also advocates for better roads, …

Bituminous coal strike of 1977–78 | Wiki | Everipedia

Jul 04, 2016· The Bituminous coal strike of 1977–1978 was a 110-day national coal strike in the United States led by the United Mine Workers of America, AFL-CIO. It began December 6, 1977, and ended on March 19, 1978. It is generally considered a successful union strike, although the contract wasn't beneficial to union members.

The Coal Strike of 1919 in Indiana County and its ...

In dealing with the period immediately following World War I most authors emphasize the coal strikes of 1919 and 1922, the rise and consolidation of John L. Lewis as president of the United Mine Workers and the battles for union power between Lewis and his chief rivals.

Coal India workers call off strike - livemint.com

Half-a-million workers at Coal India and Singareni Collieries went on strike for five days on Tuesday in the biggest show of union strength in recent years, to protest the government move to ...

Coal Strike in 1900 Affects Presidential Politics - YouTube

Aug 11, 2007· A strike of coal miners organized by the United Mine Workers (UMW) in 1900 becomes an issue in the McKinley-Bryan contest for the presidency. ... Coal Strike in 1900 Affects Presidential Politics ...

Coal miners' strike of 1873 - Wikipedia

The Coal miners' strike of 1873, was a strike against wage cuts in the Mahoning, Shenango, and Tuscarawas Valleys of northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania. In the Tuscarawas Valley, the labor action lasted six months, and in the Mahoning Valley four and a half months, but the walkouts failed. The introduction of imported strikebreakers and manufacturers finding substitutes for the ...

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Every year, the United Mine Workers honors the men and women who served, died and those who were unaccounted for during the Vietnam War. This is the 8th consecutive year UMWA members and veterans have washed The Wall. 32 people were in attendance.

Coal Wars: Unions, Strikes, and Violence in Depression-Era ...

David Bullock ’85 MA WSU Press, 2014 There was a time, it’s been recalled, when each home in Roslyn had three pictures on its wall: of Jesus, FDR, and John L. Lewis, the powerful head of the United Mine Workers of America, or UMW. But labor conflicts in the coal-mining …

Colorado miners strike and Columbine mine massacre, 1927 ...

Nov 10, 2006· Short history of a strike by miners in Colorado in 1927 and the massacre of strikers at the Columbine mine by the state militia. The strike lead to an almost complete shut down of the mining industry in the state. For the fifty years prior to 1927, the struggles in the Colorado mines had been a ...

Coal strike of 1902 - Wikipedia

The Coal strike of 1902 (also known as the anthracite coal strike) was a strike by the United Mine Workers of America in the anthracite coalfields of eastern Pennsylvania.Miners struck for higher wages, shorter workdays and the recognition of their union.The strike threatened to shut down the winter fuel supply to major American cities.

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The Avondale Mine Disaster was a horrific event that awoke the public and the state legislature to the dangers mine workers knew well and had been trying to alleviate. The Workingmen's Benevolent Association, a local organization for mine workers, had petitioned the state for greater safety measures just months before the disaster.

United Mine Workers of America, Journal Office records ...

Biographical or Historical Note. The United Mine Workers formed in 1890. In 1891 the UMW established a pioneering labor journal to inform and to educate its membership and to advocate union positions on negotiations, legislation, benefits, health, and safety.

UK hits 30-year anniversary of miners' strike | UK | Al ...

UK hits 30-year anniversary of miners' strike. The strike led to a humiliating and lasting defeat for the miners and a political triumph for Margaret Thatcher.

Coronado Coal v. UMWA | Encyclopedia.com

Coronado Coal v. UMWA. United States 1925. Synopsis. The U.S. Supreme Court heard two separate Coronado cases, each of which issued from a violent Arkansas coal strike in 1914. In 1922 the Court ruled that the actions of the strikers did not violate the Sherman Antitrust Act because the plaintiff-company did not show that the strikers intended to impede interstate commerce.

The Rise and Fall of Coal Miners' Unions | JSTOR Daily

Sep 23, 2015· As union activity grew, the miners pushed directly for higher pay and better conditions while also seeking legislation to improve their lots. The United Mine Workers, formed in a merger of the two major coal miners’ unions in 1890, won a series of major strikes and became the largest labor union in the country in the years before World War I.

Coal miner union war, 1932-37 | SangamonLink

Nov 26, 2013· A bitter battle between rival coal mine unions, a battle that began and effectively ended in Springfield, led to strikes, bombings, street riots and at least six killings in Sangamon County in the 1930s.. The United Mine Workers of America, headed by a sometime-Springfieldian, John L. Lewis, held contracts with most local mines, in particular those owned by the giant Peabody Coal Co.

Early Days of Coal Mining in Northern Illinois — Illinois ...

Both became presidents of the United Mine Workers of America. Although born in Iowa, Lewis spent several years mining coal in Panama, Illinois. As head of the nation's most powerful industrial union, Lewis founded the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in 1936.